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Where Are Burris Scopes Made? (Complete Guides)

Whether you are an avid hunter, or enjoy precision shooting, a high-quality scope is essential for achieving optimal results. In this high-stakes game, the brand Burris Scopes has gained a prominent position in the industry, providing shooters with accurate and reliable sights for more than 40 years.

With growing curiosity surrounding the origins of Burris Scopes, understanding where they are made is vital, as it may influence a product’s quality and reliability. This article aims to uncover the manufacturing secrets of Burris Scopes by examining their manufacturing locations, production processes and quality control measures, while providing a historical background on the brand.

Burris Optics: A Brief History and Legacy

Burris Optics was founded in 1971 by Don Burris, a design engineer with a passion for shooting sports and hunting. Over the years, Burris has distinguished itself by designing, engineering and producing high-quality scopes using cutting-edge technology.

The innovative Hot 1200, a handheld rangefinder introduced in the early 1990s, showcased Burris’ commitment to innovation and its reputation for building durable, accurate and dependable products.

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Where are burris Scopes made?

Burris scopes

Burris Optics operates on a global scale, with a strong presence in the United States and the Philippines. Their manufacturing facilities serve as hubs for producing high-quality scopes and other optic products, which are then distributed worldwide.

Different Manufacturing Facilities and Their Locations

Facility 1: Greeley, Colorado, USA

Burris Optics has its headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Greeley, Colorado, where the majority of their scopes are produced and assembled. This facility is responsible for research and development, along with the manufacturing of scope components, assembly and quality control procedures.

Facility 2: The Philippines

Burris Optics also operates a manufacturing facility in the Philippines, which focuses on producing lenses and select scope models. This facility is committed to maintaining the same quality and attention to detail expected from a Burris product.

Facility 3: Japan

In addition to their facilities in the United States and the Philippines, Burris Optics maintains a manufacturing presence in Japan. The Japanese facility primarily specializes in the creation of high-grade optical glass, renowned for its clarity and precision. This facility plays a critical role in the production of premium scope models and further emphasizes Burris Optics’ dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Factors Influencing Manufacturing Location Decisions

●      Labour Costs: One of the primary reasons Burris Optics chose to have a manufacturing facility in the Philippines is the lower labor costs compared to the United States. This allows the company to produce high-quality products while maintaining competitive pricing.

●      Technical Expertise: The facility in Greeley, Colorado, is the hub for research and development due to the availability of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure in the United States. This facility ensures the scopes are developed with the latest technology and highest precision.

●      Supply Chain Management: Having manufacturing facilities in different geographical areas allows Burris Optics to manage its supply chain more efficiently, reducing delivery times and costs.

●      Quality Control: Quality is a cornerstone of Burris Optics’ reputation. Having control over manufacturing facilities ensures stringent quality control measures are in place, reinforcing the trust in their products.

●      Market Access: Establishing facilities in different continents allows the company to have better access to various markets, facilitating distribution and reducing shipping times.

Manufacturing Process

Initial Research and Design Phase

Burris Optics invests in extensive research and design to ensure its scopes are relevant and suited to the evolving needs of the shooting and hunting community. With an emphasis on innovation and market research, they are able to track and adapt to consumer preferences across the world.

Sourcing High-Quality Materials for Production

For the production of Burris Scopes, the company sources high-quality materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum for scope tubes and lead-free, high-grade glass for lenses. These materials are essential to producing durable scope components that meet the brand’s high-performance standards.

Assembly and Quality Control Procedures

Both the Greeley, Colorado and Philippine facilities implement stringent quality control measures during the assembly process. Assembling scopes with extreme precision ensures optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Testing and Calibration of Burris Scopes

Every Burris Scope undergoes rigorous testing and calibration processes to ensure its accuracy and reliability. This includes shock and vibration tests, which simulate the recoil and rough handling that scopes may experience in real-life scenarios. Moreover, scopes are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations to guarantee that they remain stable and functional in diverse climatic conditions.

The calibration process involves meticulous adjustment of the scope’s settings to ensure the user experiences optimal image clarity and accurate target acquisition. Only after passing these stringent tests are the Burris Scopes deemed ready for the market, ensuring that every product lives up to the reputation of the Burris name.

Associated Challenges and Opportunities with Burris Scope

●      Market Competition: Burris Optics faces stiff competition from other established brands offering similar products. Standing out in a saturated market is a constant challenge.

●      Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to the different regulatory and safety standards in the various countries where Burris operates can be a complex task.

●      Supply Chain Management: As with any global operation, managing a seamless supply chain across different continents comes with logistical challenges.

Burris Scope Opportunities

●      Technological Advancements: With the ongoing evolution in optical technology, Burris has the opportunity to continue innovating and improving their products.

●      Growing Target Market: As shooting sports and hunting grow in popularity, the market for high-quality scopes is likely to expand.

●      Sustainable Practices: As society becomes more environmentally conscious, there’s an opportunity for Burris to further enhance its sustainability practices, potentially attracting a new customer base.


To summarize, burris scopes are proudly made in the USA. With its long line of quality products and commitment to the American worker, it’s easy to see why so many gun owners choose burris when they need a reliable, durable, long-lasting scope for their hunting or shooting needs.

What’s more, Burris offers a lifetime warranty on all scopes purchased directly from its website. That kind of commitment speaks volumes about the company and its commitment to providing customers with years of use for their money. So if you’re in the market for a high-quality scope, you can’t go wrong by choosing one made by burris. Your investment will be guaranteed to last for years to come—all thanks to their strong track record and commitment to quality craftsmanship here in the United States!

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