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Ailemon Laser Rangefinder Review 2024 (Buying Guides)

Are you a hunter looking for an effective tool to increase your accuracy when shooting at long distances? If so, then you should consider the ailemon laser rangefinder. This advanced technology offers hunters like yourself the ability to measure accurately longer ranges with ease and convenience.

With the help of a powerful yet lightweight design, Ailemon laser rangefinder rangefinder is incredibly easy-to-use and provides fast results that can be relied on in any situation. From experienced professionals to beginners alike, this device has something everyone will appreciate – giving you unparalleled confidence when taking aim and making the perfect shot!

Read on to discover why their line of products are the top pick for hunting enthusiasts everywhere.

Review: Ailemon Laser Rangefinder

AILEMON Laser Golf/Hunting Range Finder (AL35)

AILEMON Laser Golf/Hunting Range Finder (AL35)

AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder(AL36)

AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder(AL36)

AILEMON Laser Rangefinder(AL34)

AILEMON Laser Rangefinder(AL34)

<strong>AILEMON Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder</strong> (AL31)

AILEMON Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder (AL31)


1) AILEMON Laser Rechargeable Golf/Hunting Range Finder (AL35)

Perfect for Hunting/Golf

AILEMON Laser Rechargeable GolfHunting Range Finder(AL35)
  • 6X Magnification
  • 3 Modes with Slope Switch
  • 7-Degree Field Angle
  • Pin Sensor Technology

The AILEMON Laser Rechargeable Golf/Hunting Range Finder is an invaluable tool for any hunting or golf enthusiast. Equipped with advanced Pinsensor technology, this rangefinder effortlessly measures overlapping subjects, locking on to the flag distance at which point the device automatically vibrates, providing instant, accurate feedback.

Its functionality is further enhanced with a slope feature, which calculates slope-adjusted distances, helping users to make the perfect shot every time. Despite its advanced technology, the rangefinder is impressively user-friendly. The adjustable diopter allows for precise focus on display and users can conveniently toggle between yard and meter measurements.

AILEMON Laser Rechargeable Golf & Hunting Range Finder(AL35)

Further bolstering its appeal, the AILEMON rangefinder offers three distinct operating modes. The first mode provides distance measurements, changing as you move, while the second mode incorporates the aforementioned slope switch. The third mode is a speed measurement mode, ideal for tracking moving objects.

The rangefinder also impresses with its 106x 72 x 40 mm compact design and a weight of just 184g, making it convenient for travel and use in the field. The starry paint pattern and streamlined appearance add a touch of sophistication. The built-in rechargeable battery and the inclusion of an external 3.7V 750mah rechargeable lithium battery ensure that you never run out of power when you need it the most.

Moreover, it comes with a magnetic strap for secure attachment to a golf cart. AILEMON’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their comprehensive 1-year warranty and dedication to continual product improvement.


  • Accurate measurements
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile with multiple modes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes with a magnetic strap


  • The slope function may require getting used to
  • May be complex for beginners
  • Limited field angle

2) AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder (AL36)

Good for Hunting/Bowhunting & Golf 

AILEMON 6X GolfHunting Rangefinder (AL36)
  • 6x Magnification
  • ARC
  • Pin-Seeking
  • Flagpole Locking

The AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder amalgamates advanced technology with user convenience, making it an unbeatable companion for golfing and hunting aficionados. Equipped with high-precision distance measuring tech, the rangefinder offers continuous range readings, accurately calculates slopes or ARC and features Pin-Seeking, Vibration and Speed Measuring capabilities.

This versatile rangefinder is designed for various outdoor activities. Whether golfing or hunting, it delivers an exact measurement of the distance between the user and the target. With a measurement range of 5 to 900 yards, this rangefinder caters to most user’s needs effectively.

AILEMON 6X Golf & Hunting Rangefinder (AL36)

The rangefinder’s performance is further enhanced with the flagpole locking function, supporting a distance up to 150 yards. It also features a fully multi-coated optic lens, which minimizes reflected light and increases light transmission, resulting in a clearer, brighter image for the user.

2.AILEMON 6X GolfHunting Rangefinder (AL36)

The device comes with an adjustable diopter, ensuring precise focus on the display. Measuring merely 1064072mm in size and weighing just 184g, it is compact, lightweight and travel-friendly. The rangefinder is also water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for use in varying weather conditions. AILEMON takes pride in its quality assurance and offers a 1-year warranty for this rangefinder.


  • Compact and portable
  • Versatile for various outdoor activities
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Operation might be complex for beginners
  • Battery life may be limited for extended use
  • Reflectivity of target might affect readings

3) AILEMON Laser Rangefinder (AL34)

Suitable for Any Outdoor Activity

AILEMON Laser Rangefinder (AL34)
  • 6x magnification
  • Adaptive red Display
  • Rotating the Eyepiece

The AILEMON Laser Rangefinder is a robust and reliable device, designed for those passionate about hunting, bow hunting, archery, target shooting and mountain climbing. Boasting an adaptive red display, the rangefinder ensures clarity even in darker environments. This feature is particularly beneficial when the target is close to black, ensuring that you never lose sight of the data (Note: only the 1200 yards rangefinder model has this red display).

The AILEMON AL34-1200 model is equipped with a high-transmittance liquid crystal display (LCD), providing a clear and sharp view surpassing other standard rangefinders in the market. Its versatile applications are commendable, offering straight-line distance, horizontal distance and angle measurements. It also supports point-to-point and scanning measurement, further enhancing its utility in varied outdoor activities.

Featuring a 6x magnification, the rangefinder allows for clear focus adjustment by rotating the eyepiece. This is a critical feature that ensures a crisp image, enabling better target acquisition. The device also provides a low battery reminder, saving you from unexpected power run-outs during outdoor expeditions. When the battery is low, you can simply replace it with a CR123A battery available at any nearby convenience store.

The AILEMON Laser Rangefinder is not only technologically advanced but also designed with the user’s convenience and safety in mind. It is crafted with a waterproof and dustproof design which ensures that the device remains functional even in extreme weather conditions. As a testament to AILEMON’s commitment to customer satisfaction, this rangefinder comes with a full one-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • Adaptive red display for superior visibility
  • High-transmittance LCD for clear views
  • Versatile applications for varied outdoor activities
  • Convenient low battery reminder


  • Red display only available in the 1200 yards model
  • Operability may be complex for beginners
  • Dependence on battery availability for continuous use

4) AILEMON Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder (AL31)

Hunting/Archery/Target Shooting

AILEMON Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder (AL31)
  • 6x Magnification
  • Red Display
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • 1200 Yards 

The AILEMON Pro 6X Magnification Golf Laser Rangefinder is an innovative solution for golfers eager to elevate their game. This rangefinder caters to both novice and experienced players and offers a multitude of advanced features, changing the way you play the game.

With an impressive range of 1000 yards and unparalleled accuracy (±1 Yard), the AILEMON Pro is the epitome of precision. Its quick read distance and pin-lock feature, which vibrates as a reminder, make it a handy tool on the golf course. The device’s one-button slope on-off feature is an added bonus, designed to cater to advanced players without overwhelming beginners.

Ease of operation is a standout feature of the AILEMON Pro Rangefinder. The device relies on robust technology that simplifies the task of measuring distances. All it takes is a steady hand and a press of the power button to lock your target and get the distance. The device offers three modes – normal scan mode, golf mode with slope measurement, flag locking and vibrate technology and speed mode. The 6X magnification optics ensure a clear display, making target acquisition a breeze.

Despite its advanced features, the AILEMON Pro Rangefinder offers great value. It incorporates the latest laser rangefinder technology in a solid, ergonomic and lightweight design. What’s more, it comes with a comprehensive package, including a magnetic strap and offers 100% guaranteed lifetime customer service and a one-year warranty.


  • Incredible accuracy
  • User-friendly operation
  • Versatile modes for different needs
  • Solid and ergonomic design
  • Includes a convenient magnetic strap


  • May be pricey for beginners
  • Steady hand required for accurate measurements
  • The slope feature may be complex for first-time users
  • Battery life may be limited for extended use.


Each model of the AILEMON Laser Rangefinder series offers a unique set of features designed to cater to different outdoor activities, whether it be golfing, hunting, or mountain climbing. The reliable performance, precision and user-friendly operation of these devices make them a worthy investment.

However, the choice between models will largely depend on your specific needs and usage. The AILEMON Rangefinder for hunting is ideal for those seeking a robust device for hunting or archery, equipped with an adaptive red display for optimal visibility. The AILEMON Pro, on the other hand, is perfect for golf enthusiasts, thanks to its incredible accuracy and easy-to-use features. Remember, while these rangefinders may seem pricey initially, the advanced features, durability and consistent performance they offer arguably justify the cost.

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