Precision Pro NX7 vs nx9 Rangefinder

Precision NX7 Vs NX9 Rangefinders (Top Picker’s)

Hey there, hunting enthusiasts! Ready to ramp up your hunting game with the ultimate gear? We’re here to help with a detailed comparison of two industry-leading hunting rangefinders: the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Hunting Rangefinder and the Precision Pro NX9 Hunting Rangefinder.

Both of these devices are brimming with top-notch features, like Slope Switch, Laser Range Finder, Flag Lock w Pulse Vibration, and more. But, their yard range and bonus perks set them apart.

We will delve deep into the specifics of these two rangefinders throughout this article, comparing them based on their features, functionalities, and overall hunting enhancement. Stick around to find out which one of these will be your ideal hunting companion!

Comparison: Precision NX7 Vs NX9 Rangefinders


FeaturePrecision Pro NX7 Pro Hunting RangefinderPrecision Pro NX9 Hunting Rangefinder
Slope Switch-Laser Rangefinder Accessory✔️✔️
6X Magnification✔️✔️
Flag Lock w Pulse Vibration✔️✔️
Yard Range Capacity650+ yards900+ yards
New Model with Slope Switch✔️
Adaptive Slope Technology✔️
Built-In Magnetic Cart Mount✔️
Shockproof Design✔️
Precision Care Package90 days no questions returns, 2-Year Warranty, Trade-in allowanceLifetime Battery Replacement, 90 days no questions returns, 2-Year Warranty, Trade-in allowance, No-Cost Replacements
Clear, Quick & Precise✔️✔️
Crystal Clear Optics✔️✔️
Water Resistant✔️✔️
Vibration on Target AcquisitionShort vibrationQuick vibration

1-Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

Laser Range Finder

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder
  • 6X Magnification
  • 650 Yard Range
  • legal Slope Switch
  • Pro Slope Technology

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder with Slope Switch is a must-have accessory for any golf enthusiast seeking that competitive edge. Experience the latest in rangefinder technology with Adaptive Slope Technology, providing a “play as” distance for effortless club selection. Whether you’re braving the wind or rain, or playing in bright sunshine, the water-resistance and clear optics ensure performance in all conditions.

Revamped with a tournament legal slope switch and a faster laser, the NX7 Pro Slope offers speedy, accurate distances that make it a breeze to use. Its precision technology, coupled with 6X magnification, provides clear and quick yardages to the hole, making it a great partner for golfers with shaky hands.

nx7 golf rangefinder

With a range capacity of 650+ yards, it’s a rangefinder that will cover you for all the long drives and approach shots. It’s accurate to one yard and provides a short vibration upon target acquisition – a simple yet effective confirmation. The NX7 Pro Slope also displays 1-yard measurements and can be set for meters or yards, catering to all preferences.

The Precision Care Package goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Offering 90 days no question asked returns, a 2-Year Warranty, and guaranteed trade-in allowance, it’s clear that Precision Pro Golf stands behind this product.

The NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder is more than a product; it’s an investment in better golfing. It’s easy to use, reliable, and packed with features that will enhance your game.


  • Adaptive Slope Technology for easy club choice
  • Quick and accurate readings
  • Water-resistant for resilient play
  • Extended 650+ yard range
  • Excellent customer care package


  • May not be suitable for golfers on a tight budget
  • Absence of a built-in magnetic mount
  • No shockproof design
  • Limited to 6X magnification

2-Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder with Slope Switch

Laser Golf Range Finder

Precision Pro NX9 Pro Golf Rangefinder
  • 6X Magnification
  • 900 Yard Range
  • Shock-Proof
  • Flag Lock

Take your hunting game to the next level with the Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder. This sleek and efficient hunting gear ensures you never miss a shot. Having it handy is like having your own personal scout that accurately gauges distances within a yard, helping you decide the perfect weapon for the perfect shot.

Designed for superior functionality, the NX9 boasts high-definition optics with 6X magnification. This means you get crystal clear views and precise measurements, even if your hands are a little shaky after that adrenaline-pumping shot! The quick yardage readings allow you to keep the game going, no more guesswork or pacing out distances.

The NX9’s standout feature is undoubtedly its Slope Range technology. It accounts for uphill and downhill distances, making it a legal essential for any hunting trip. Plus, the built-in magnetic mount ensures it’s always within reach for quick reference. Rest assured, this rangefinder won’t be bouncing around in your sight – its shock-proof design guarantees durability.

With an impressive range of up to 900 yards, the NX9 significantly outperforms other rangefinders in its class. You’ll feel a quick vibration as soon as the target is locked, confirming the distance. And guess what? It’s also water-resistant, perfect for those dewy morning hunts or unexpected showers.

nx9 golf rangefinder

The folks at Precision Pro are committed to delivering more than just a product. The NX9 comes with a comprehensive care package that includes Lifetime Battery Replacement, 2-Year Warranty, and fast, no-cost replacements. This, coupled with their industry-leading customer service, makes the Precision Pro NX9 a game-changer in the wilderness.


  • Accurate to within a yard
  • Built-in slope switch for uphill/downhill measurements
  • Clear optics with 6X magnification
  • Shock-proof and water-resistant design
  • Comprehensive care package


  • Might be slightly heavy for some users
  • Magnet might interfere with certain digital devices


Yes, the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Hunting Rangefinder does have a slope feature. It's equipped with Adaptive Slope Technology, providing adjusted distances for both uphill and downhill shots. This function makes it simpler to measure the range to your target, regardless of the terrain. This feature is also tournament legal, as you can turn it off when required. .
Using the Precision Pro NX9 slope is quite straightforward. First, point the rangefinder at your target and press the power button. Next, the rangefinder will display the distance, taking into account the incline/decline to give an adjusted distance. Remember, you can turn this feature off for tournament play by toggling the slope switch.
Rangefinder focusing works by bouncing a laser beam off a distant target. The returned beam is then analyzed by the device to determine the distance based on the time it took for the round trip. This information is then used to provide accurate focus for the user, enabling them to make precise measurements or adjustments.
Switching to yards on the Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder is a breeze. Simply press and hold the power button until the unit of measurement starts to blink. Keep pressing the power button to toggle between yards and meters. When the desired unit is displayed, stop pressing. The rangefinder will save your selection and use it for future measurements.
The slope mode on the NX9 rangefinder is a revolutionary feature designed to adjust distances based on the incline or decline of the terrain. It calculates and displays an adjusted yardage, helping hunters to make accurate shots in varied topographies. This feature can be easily toggled off for tournament play, ensuring compliance with the rules


In essence, both the Precision Pro NX7 Pro and Precision Pro NX9 Hunting Rangefinders are exceptional tools for any hunting enthusiast. The NX7 Pro stands out with its Adaptive Slope Technology and tournament legal slope switch, promising accurate and fast distances. However, it lacks some convenience features like a built-in magnetic mount and shock-proof design.

On the other hand, the NX9 shines with its high-definition optics, built-in magnetic mount, and outstanding range of 900+ yards. It also boasts a comprehensive care package featuring Lifetime Battery Replacement and swift, no-cost replacements. While both rangefinders offer impressive features, your choice hinges on your specific hunting requirements and preferences. Either way, you’ll be investing in a tool that significantly enhances your hunting experience.

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