Hawke Binoculars Reviews

Hawke Binoculars Review 2024 (Ultimate Buyers Guide)

If you’re a hunter looking for the perfect binoculars that will help you spot game from miles away, then look no further than Hawke binoculars. Offering superior field-of-view and excellent light gathering abilities – all while maintaining an affordable price point – Hawke Binoculars provide great value to any serious hunter’s toolkit.

Hawke Binoculars

Read on as we review different Hawke binoculars so you can decide whether or not they are right for your next hunting trip!

Reviews: Hawke Binoculars

1) Hawke Endurance ED Binocular

Best For ‎Hunting

Hawke Endurance ED Binocular
  • Magnification 8x
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • Focus Knob
  • BAK-4 Roof Prisms

When it comes to exceptional clarity and superior image quality, the Hawke Endurance ED Binocular stands out as a top-tier choice for hunting enthusiasts. This exceptional piece of equipment boasts an Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass which optimizes clarity to an unparalleled degree, ensuring your hunting experience is visually remarkable.

The fully multi-coated optics are another noteworthy feature, expertly engineered to produce sharp, vivid images that will enhance your ability to spot game from a distance. Spotting your target becomes even easier with the focus knob, providing a close focus from just 6.6ft/2m away, an impressive feature that sets the Hawke Endurance ED Binocular apart from its competitors.

These binoculars also house high resolution, phase-corrected BAK-4 roof prisms, ensuring clarity and precision in every view. The lightweight, rubber-coated, mid-sized top hinge chassis is designed with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind, making long hours of use manageable and enjoyable.

The Hawke Endurance ED Binocular also comes with stay-on lens covers for maximum lens protection, twist-up eyecups with position stops for extended eye relief and a waterproof twin hinge pocket-sized binocular design. Its magnesium alloy body, complete with a sleek leatherette finish, gives it a premium feel, making it an excellent addition to your hunting gear.


  • Exceptional clarity
  • High resolution imagery
  • User-friendly focus
  • Robust, lightweight design
  • Excellent lens protection


  • May be pricey for some
  • Limited close focus range

2) Endurance ED Binoculars Compact 8×25 Green

Great Binocular For Hiking/Bird watching

Endurance ED Binoculars Compact 8x25 Green
  • Magnification 5
  • (ED) Glass
  • Twist-Up Eye Cups
  • Focus From 2m

For those seeking an ideal blend of precision, durability and exceptional imagery in their hunting gear, the Endurance ED Binoculars Compact 8×25 Green by Hawke is a top-notch choice. This powerhouse device, standing out in the Endurance range, offers a superior viewing experience uplifted by their outstanding optical clarity and light transmission.

The use of Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) Glass minimizes color fringing, providing sharp, crisp images that set new standards in your hunting and bird-watching experiences. With the focus starting from just 2m, spotting the minutest details becomes effortless. The binoculars boast high resolution Phase Corrected BAK-4 Roof Prisms that offer intense color and contrast, making every view a visual treat.

The twist-up eyecups, adjustable to accommodate users with and without eyeglasses, ensure comfortable viewing for everyone. A robust, yet lightweight design, coupled with a rubber-coated body, makes this binocular a resilient, easy-to-handle device. The twin hinge design is precision-engineered for smooth movements and easy folding.

The Multicoated lenses, offering detailed vision and preventing fogging, enhance the binocular’s usability in varied weather conditions. Moreover, the binocular houses a nitrogen-sealed mechanism to prevent misting.

Hawke extends its commitment to quality with a no-fault peace of mind guarantee. Any damages or defects will be repaired free of charge, ensuring that your investment is secured. The package includes a carry case, neck strap, lens covers and a lens cloth for easy transportation and maintenance.


  • Superior optical clarity
  • Robust, lightweight design
  • Adjustable eyecups
  • Multicoated, fog-proof lenses
  • Excellent customer service


  • Slightly high price point
  • Eyecup adjustments may take time

3) Frontier ED X Binoculars 8×42 Green

Frontier ED X Binoculars 8x42 Green

Excellent as Bird Watching/Wildlife Watching

  • Power: 8×
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass
  • Waterproof, Fog proof
  • Multi-Coated lenses

Hawke’s Frontier ED X Binoculars 8×42 Green are the perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts, offering high-quality, precise vision under various weather conditions. Renowned for their durability and reliability, these binoculars are ideal for bird watching, wildlife observation and other outdoor pursuits.

The Frontier ED X Binoculars incorporate Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass, known for its superior optical quality, producing bright, crisp and detailed images. This feature, coupled with the multi-coated lenses, minimizes chromatic aberration and eliminates color fringing. The result is clear, distinct and vivid imagery that enhances your viewing experience.

The binoculars also boast a hydrophobic coating to repel water, making them waterproof and fog-proof. Whether you’re exploring humid rainforests or cold mountains, the Frontier ED X Binoculars withstand extreme weather, ensuring consistent optical performance.

Every pair of Frontier ED X Binoculars undergoes stringent quality control inspections. From resolution checks and light transmission to trials in extreme temperatures, Hawke ensures these binoculars meet and exceed design intent.

But what sets Hawke apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The British brand guarantees that should your binoculars become damaged or defective, they will fix it free of charge. This no-fault peace of mind guarantee ensures your investment is protected, solidifying Hawke’s reputation for offering value for money.


  • Superior optical quality
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Durable and reliable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Value for money


  • Slightly expensive
  • May be heavy for prolonged use
  • Eyecups adjustment might require time
  • Limited close focus range
  • Not ideal for low light conditions

4) Hawke Frontier HD X 8×32 Binocular – Green

Great For Bird Watching or Wildlife

Hawke Frontier HD X 8x32 Binocular - Green
  • 8x Magnification
  • Multi-Coated Lense
  • Waterproof/Fog proof
  • Roof Prism

The Hawke Frontier HD X 8×32 Green Binoculars stand as a testament to innovation, precision and exceptional value. Sporting Hawke’s new H7 optics, these binoculars offer high definition viewing, phenomenal color control and phase correction. The dielectric coatings and high-resolution Phase Corrected BAK-4 Roof Prisms ensure maximum light transmission, creating crisp, detailed images that will revolutionize your bird watching or wildlife observing experiences.

These binoculars are ideal for those who need reliable, waterproof equipment with outstanding performance. The Frontier HD X won’t let you down, even in rugged, harsh conditions ranging from -15°C to +55°C, thanks to their rigorous testing for resilience. They are waterproof up to IPX7 standard and designed to prevent fogging, ensuring unimpaired, high-quality viewing regardless of weather conditions.

Focusing is smooth, precise and virtually effortless, complemented by a close focus of merely 2.5m. The binoculars are also lightweight due to the magnesium alloy chassis that’s coated with protective rubber for an easy grip. The replaceable twist-up eye cups with position stops, coupled with water-repellent lens coatings, add to their impressive list of features.

The Frontier HD X Binoculars undergo stringent quality control, including optical checks for resolution, light transmission and Strehl Ratio, confirming Hawke’s commitment to offering superior products. Buying a product from this British brand means investing in precision engineering, build quality and bright, distortion-free vision. Furthermore, Hawke’s unique lifetime guarantee ensures that your binoculars will be repaired free of charge in the unlikely event of damage or defect, offering complete peace of mind.


  • High-definition viewing
  • Robust, waterproof design
  • Smooth, precise focusing
  • Lightweight, with rubber grip
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • High-end price range
  • May require time to adjust settings
  • Not ideal for very low-light conditions
  • Limited close focus range
  • Requires careful handling.

5) Hawke Endurance ED Compact

Best For Outdoor/Bird Watching

Hawke Endurance ED Compact Binoculars 10x25 Green
  • Power: 10×
  • multi-coated Lense
  •  (ED) glass
  • Lightweight,Waterproof

Presenting the Hawke Endurance ED Compact Binoculars 10×25 Green, an outstanding choice for outdoor enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike. These binoculars, part of Hawke’s acclaimed Endurance range, offer exceptional clarity, brightness and color accuracy thanks to superior optical features. The Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass lenses minimize color fringing, delivering sharp and detailed images.

The Endurance ED’s compact design, complete with a precision twin hinge for easy folding, makes it a portable companion for your adventures. Weighing just 315g, these binoculars are indeed ‘pocket-friendly’.

The lenses of these binoculars are fully multi-coated, ensuring crisp, detailed vision. Additionally, a nitrogen-sealed mechanism prevents fogging and misting. The binoculars also house Phase Corrected, BAK-4 Roof Prisms delivering vibrant color and contrast, enriching your viewing experience.

The rubber-coated, rugged body ensures durability, while the adjustable eyecups cater to users with and without glasses, guaranteeing comfortable viewing for all. The smooth movement of both barrels allows vision adjustment as per individual preference.

The package includes a carry case, neck strap, lens covers and a lens cloth, ensuring easy transportation and maintenance. Model number 36 111 powers a 10×25 binocular, facilitating a field view of 96m at 1000m and a close focus of 2m.

In conclusion, the Hawke Endurance ED Compact Binoculars 10×25 Green is a reliable, high-quality and lightweight option for those seeking superior optical clarity and comfort.


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Superior Optical Clarity
  • Fog-Proof and Waterproof
  • Rugged, Durable Design
  • Comfortable Viewing


  • Slightly High Priced
  • Adjustment Requires Time
  • Limited Field of View
  • Close Focus Limitation
  • Careful Handling Needed

Summing Up:

Hawke binoculars have consistently proven their worth across different models, delivering on clarity, durability and functionality. The Frontier ED X, Frontier HD X and Endurance ED models, despite some minor drawbacks, demonstrate excellent optical performance, reliability in various weather conditions and comfortable handling.

The lifetime guarantee provided by Hawke underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or an outdoor enthusiast, investing in a pair of Hawke binoculars will undoubtedly elevate your viewing experience.

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