Celestron – Mini MAK 70mm Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron C70 Spotting Scope Review 2024 (Tested and Reviewed)

Embrace the world of long-range viewing with the Celestron Mini MAK 70mm Angled Spotting Scope—a perfect blend of utility, innovation and aesthetics. The Maksutov Spotting Scope, equipped with a 25–75x zoom eyepiece, is your window to vibrant, razor-sharp images.

Its multi-coated optics assure optimal light transmission, delivering stunning clarity and precision. Encased in a robust, rubber-armored body, the scope offers durability with a touch of elegance. And with a complimentary tabletop tripod, you’re all set to explore the beauty of distant horizons. Welcome to a viewing experience beyond the ordinary.

Review: Celestron – Mini MAK 70mm Angled

Spotting Scope

Great for Long Range Viewing

Celestron C70
  • 70mm
  • Multi-coated Optics
  • 25–75x Magnification
  • Durable Rubber Armored Body

The Celestron Mini MAK 70mm Angled Spotting Scope redefines the meaning of compact power and versatility. This Maksutov-Cassegrain spotting scope, recognized for its small size and ease of use, is an exceptional piece of equipment that combines terrestrial and astronomical viewing capabilities. The product dimensions (11″D x 6″W x 16″H) make it portable, perfect to carry on your next exploration trip.

At the heart of its performance is a multi-coated 70mm objective lens offering a magnification range of 25-75x, more than many full-size spotting scopes. This ensures crystal clear, high contrast images at any range. The manual focus and reflex finderscope further enhance the viewing experience, allowing precision adjustments.

celestron c70 spotting scope

Its built-in slow-motion controls are an added bonus, making tracking moving objects a breeze. It’s smartphone compatible, allowing you to capture and share your observations.

The C70 accepts a wide range of 1.25” mount eyepieces, offering even more magnification options. It comes complete with a tabletop tripod, a view-through case for transport and multiple accessories including a cleaning cloth and instruction manual.

The Celestron Mini MAK truly stands out as a highly versatile, power-packed spotting scope, bringing portability and performance to new heights.


  • Highly versatile
  • Compact and portable
  • Powerful magnification
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Smartphone compatible


  • Manual focus
  • Limited to 1.25” eyepieces
  • No remote control
  • Absence of a full-size tripod

Key Features

  1. Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design: The Celestron Mini MAK’s design is celebrated for its compactness and ease of use. It employs a Maksutov-Cassegrain design, known for providing high power in a small package and is suitable for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing.
  2. High Magnification: This scope offers a magnification range from 25x to an impressive 75x, surpassing many full-sized spotting scopes. This range enables viewers to observe details from a considerable distance.
  3. 1.25” Mount Eyepieces: The C70 accepts a broad range of 1.25” mount eyepieces, allowing for additional magnification options. This versatility enhances the scope’s functionality by allowing users to customize their viewing experience.
  4. View-through Case: Included with the Celestron Mini MAK is a view-through case, providing a convenient method for transporting the scope. This case ensures the spotting scope is protected while maintaining its accessibility.
  5. Tabletop Tripod: The spotting scope package includes a tabletop tripod that provides stability during use. This added accessory ensures that you have everything required for observation.
  6. Portability: With its compact dimensions and light weight, the Celestron Mini MAK is an excellent choice for travel. Its portability allows for versatile usage, whether it be bird watching or star gazing on a camping trip.
  7. Included Accessories: The package contains several accessories, such as a custom view-through case, tabletop tripod, eyepiece cover, objective cover, cleaning cloth and an instruction manual, providing users with all the essentials right out of the box.
  8. Smartphone Compatible: The Celestron Mini MAK is designed to be compatible with smartphones. This feature allows users to capture images of their observations and share it with their friends, family or fellow enthusiasts. It’s a perfect feature for those who love to document their explorations and discoveries.
  9. Slow-Motion Controls: This spotting scope includes built-in slow-motion controls which enhance the tracking of moving objects. Such a feature is particularly useful for wildlife observation and celestial tracking, granting users a smooth and precise viewing experience.
  10. Multi-Coated 70mm Objective Lens: The heart of the Celestron Mini MAK is its 70mm multi-coated objective lens. This lens ensures brilliant image clarity and high contrast views. It’s a key feature that enables the scope to deliver high-quality visuals, regardless of the magnification range.
  11. Reflex Finderscope: The reflex finderscope is another prominent feature of this spotting scope. It simplifies the process of locating objects and aligning the main telescope for detailed observations, making the spotting scope user-friendly, even for beginners.


Yes, Celestron is a reputable brand known for its high-quality telescopes. Their products are celebrated for their superior optics, robust build and user-friendly design. Whether you're a beginner or experienced stargazer, Celestron offers a range of telescopes that can suit different needs and budgets.
A Mini MAK refers to a small, compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Known for their high power in a small package, Mini MAKs are ideal for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing, making them highly versatile. They're perfect for on-the-go exploration due to their portability.
Absolutely, Celestron telescopes excel in astrophotography due to their superior lens quality and advanced features. They offer a range of models designed specifically for capturing astronomical objects, making Celestron a preferred choice for both amateur and professional astrophotographers.
The Celestron C70 Mini MAK sports a focal length of 750mm. This substantial focal length, combined with its compact size, allows for powerful, detailed observations. It truly encapsulates Celestron's vision of packing high performance into portable designs.

Wrap up:

The Celestron Mini MAK 70mm Angled Spotting Scope represents a fusion of portability, power and versatility that sets it apart from other spotting scopes on the market. Its Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design, high magnification, compatibility with 1.25” mount eyepieces and inclusion of key accessories such as a view-through case and tabletop tripod round out a feature-rich package designed to meet the needs of both amateur and seasoned observers.

More so, the scope’s smartphone compatibility opens the door to capturing and sharing observations, effectively marrying the love for exploration with the power of digital connectivity. When it comes to choosing a reliable, compact and versatile spotting scope, the Celestron Mini MAK clearly rises to the occasion.

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