1000 Yards Spotting Sope

Best Spotting Scope For 1000 Yards (Tested and Reviewed)

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, a shooting enthusiast, or a nature lover who enjoys observing distant landscapes, a high-quality spotting scope is essential to enhance your viewing experience.

In this article, we have meticulously researched and compiled a selection of top-notch spotting scopes, each capable of delivering stunning clarity and precision at the challenging 1000-yard range.

So, whether you’re seeking impeccable optical performance, durability, or portability, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect spotting scope to elevate your long-range viewing endeavors!

Top 8 Picks Best Spotting Scope Reviews

1) Celestron – MAK 90mm Angled Spotting Scope

Great for Long Range Viewing

Celestron MAK 90mm Angled Spotting Scope.
  • 32mm Eyepiece
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Camera Adaptable
  • Lifetime US Warranty

The Celestron MAK 90mm Angled Spotting Scope is a versatile and compact piece of equipment that offers excellent performance for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing. It boasts a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design that has become renowned for its portability and ease of use. The 90mm objective lens, paired with a 32mm eyepiece, provides a 39x magnification that enables clear, sharp views of distant targets, making it an ideal choice for bird watching, nature observation, and target shooting.

One of the standout features of this spotting scope is its adaptability. Its built-in T-mount adapter threads allow for easy connection of DSLR camera bodies, transforming it into a 1250mm super-telephoto lens. This provides ample opportunity for stunning photography, a feature that will be highly appreciated by photography enthusiasts.

The spotting scope package comes with a bundle of helpful accessories, including a 32mm eyepiece, 45° erect image diagonal, 8×21 erect image finderscope, and a nylon backpack for easy transport. The inclusion of an erect image finderscope is a nice touch, it helps to quickly locate subjects.

However, it’s not without its flaws. The manual focus might be a bit challenging for beginners to handle. The spotting scope, while compact, is still relatively heavy at 2.1 kilograms, which might make it a little cumbersome for long outings. And although it comes with a backpack case, a tripod isn’t included in the base price – it is available as an add-on at an additional cost.

Celestron MAK 90mm Angled Spotting Scope is a high-performing, multi-faceted product that ensures bright, clear views and is a great companion for any outdoor enthusiast or stargazer. With its refined features and the backing of a Celestron Limited Lifetime US Warranty, it offers excellent value for its price point.


  • Versatile and compact design
  • High magnification
  • Camera adaptable
  • Includes multiple accessories


  • Manual focus may be challenging for beginners
  • Bit heavy for longer trips
  • Tripod not included in the base price

2) Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scopes

Waterproof Spotter Scope for Bird Watching

Gosky Updated 20-60x80 Spotting Sc
  •  20-60x magnification
  • 80mm FMC Lenses
  • Large FOV & High Contrast
  • Multi-function Sunshade
  • Waterproof & Fog-proof

The Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is a high-quality, user-friendly equipment designed for bird watching, wildlife spotting, and landscape viewing. The scope features a variable 20x to 60x magnification and dynamic lens focusing system, offering a seamless zooming experience. This makes it perfect for a range of outdoor activities including archery, bird watching, wildlife watching, hiking, camping, scenery, outdoor sporting, and astronomical observation.

The spotting scope is equipped with a fully multi-coated 80mm green film objective lens that provides a field of view at 82.9-48ft/1000yards. The quality BAK4 Porro prism optics enhances light transmission, ensuring brighter, clearer views and delivering crisp images. The nitrogen-filled waterproof and fog-proof design allows the scope to withstand even the toughest environments, making it a robust choice for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The product comes with a smartphone digiscoping adapter which lets you take pictures and videos of what you observe. This brings the nature or scenery closer to you, making exploration easily accessible through your phone screen. Moreover, the package includes a tabletop full metal tripod for steady observations, a carry case, eyepiece, and lens protection covers, and a cleaning cloth, making it convenient to carry and maintain.

However, the Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope does have a few downsides. For instance, the manual focus might be too demanding for beginners. Weighing at 2.4 pounds, it may be slightly heavy for long trips.

All in all, the Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is a reliable, versatile product that guarantees clear vibrant views and is a great partner for any enthusiast who loves to enjoy and capture the great outdoors.


  • Offering a versatile zoom range
  • High-quality prism optics for clearer images
  • Waterproof and fog-proof design
  • Comes with a smartphone digiscoping adapter
  • Package includes a tabletop tripod and other helpful accessories


  • Manual focus might be challenging for beginners
  • At 2.4 pounds, it might be slightly heavy for long outdoor trips

3) Emarth 20-60x60mm Angled Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Emarth 20-60x60mm angled spotting scope
  • Magnification 20x-60x.
  •  60mm objective lens
  • Target Shooting
  • Ultra-Crisp Images
  • BAK-4 Prism & FMC

The Emarth 20-60x60mm angled spotting scope is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast, bird watcher, or target shooter. It offers a variable zoom range of 20x-60x, providing close-up and long-range views with spectacular clarity and vibrant color reproduction, thanks to its fully multi-coated lenses and BAK4 roof prism technology.

The 45-degree angled eyepiece design provides comfortable viewing for extended periods, and the dual focus wheel system ensures quick and precise focus adjustment. Its high-quality rubber armor offers a non-slip grip and external protection, making it ideal for rugged outdoor use.

One of the standout features of this spotting scope is its durability under various weather conditions. Thanks to its waterproof construction and nitrogen-filled fogproof barrel, it delivers exceptional performance even in the most challenging environments.

Moreover, the spotting scope comes with a tripod for adjustable viewing angles and a built-in retractable sunshade to reduce glare. This package also includes a spotting scope phone adapter, cleaning cloth, carrying bag, and manual – all the essentials you need for your outdoor adventures.

However, like any product, it has its pros and cons.


  • High Magnification range of 20x-60x
  • Multi-coated lenses and BAK4 prism for clear images
  • Durable construction and waterproof, fogproof design
  • Comes with useful accessories like a tripod and phone adapter


  • Tripod may not be robust enough for some users
  • Phone adapter works only with smooth-backed phones or phones with smooth back covers

Overall, the Emarth 20-60x60mm angled spotting scope is a fantastic value-for-money offering, providing great performance, versatility, and durability. It’s ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, from observing wildlife and bird watching to target shooting and moon gazing.

4) Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope

Best Waterproof and Fogproof Spotting Sope

Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 82mm
  • Magnification: 20-60x
  • Premium ED glass
  • MultiGuard coatings
  • Dual-Focus controls 

The Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope is a versatile and robust tool for hunting enthusiasts. Its standout feature is the Extra-low Dispersion glass (ED) that promises accurate color rendition and minimal fringing. This, combined with the Bak4 phase-coated prism and fully multi-coated lenses, ensures a crystal-clear and vibrant viewing experience.

The rubber armored magnesium body is sturdy yet lightweight, weighing in at 66.7 ounces. This, coupled with a built-in sunshield, makes it a reliable companion for outdoor activities, providing protection against direct sunlight and ensuring glare-free viewing. The scope’s dual focus wheel allows for both fine and coarse adjustments, giving the user flexibility and precision when honing in on their target.

Vanguard’s commitment to quality shines through in the detachable angled eyepiece, which features a soft, comfortable rubber eyecup and long eye relief. The unit is also 100% waterproof and fogproof, making it perfect for wet or humid conditions.

The Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A comes with a large objective lens, measuring 82mm in diameter. This lens allows maximum light transmission, offering bright, clear, and high-contrast images, even in low light conditions. The scope comes with a 20-60x zoom eyepiece, providing the flexibility for wide field views at lower magnifications and the ability to zoom in for detailed close-ups at higher powers.

In the realm of customer service, Vanguard provides a premium lifetime warranty, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s durability and longevity. This warranty covers any damage or defect, offering peace of mind to the user that their investment is well-protected.

Vanguard’s award-winning optics and innovative design are evident in this spotting scope, making it a worthy investment for those seeking high-quality sporting optics. It’s versatile, durable, and packed with features that promise to enhance the user’s hunting experience.


  • High-quality ED glass for accurate color rendition
  • Dual focus wheel for precise adjustments
  • 100% waterproof and fogproof
  • Built-in sunshield to eliminate glare
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design


  • Price point may be an issue for some users
  • Near focus range could be too far for some users (19.7 ~ 21.33 feet)
  • Viewing angle might feel narrow for some users (2.1 ~ 1.0 degrees)

5) Celestron Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope

Best Spotting Scope for Hunting and Birding

Celestron Regal M2 100ED Spotting S
  • 22-67x zoom eyepiece
  • ED Objective Lens
  • XLT coatings
  • rotating tripod mount 
  • razor-sharp images 

The Celestron Regal M2 100ED Spotting Scope is a fantastic piece of outdoor equipment that shines in hunting, birdwatching, nature observation, and casual astronomical viewing. Its key features are the premium ED objective lenses, which virtually eliminate chromatic aberration, and the proprietary XLT coatings that maximize light transmission for brighter visuals.

The scope’s build quality is impressive, with the body made from lightweight yet sturdy magnesium alloy, making it durable and weather-resistant. The Celestron Regal M2 100ED is not just about raw power; it also offers flexibility with its dual speed focusing mechanism and the 22-67x zoom eyepiece. Additionally, it comes with a T-mount adapter for attaching your DSLR camera for digiscoping, which turns the scope into a powerful tool for capturing high-quality images and videos.

The included accessories, like the padded view-through case and various covers, add value to the package. Coupled with Celestron’s Limited Lifetime US Warranty and US-based customer support, these make the product a worthwhile investment.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. The weight of the spotting scope stands at 5 pounds, which might be a little heavy for some users to carry around for extended periods. Moreover, given the premium features, the price point might be daunting for beginners or casual users.

The added feature of digiscoping opens up a new world of photography and recording possibilities, making it an even more versatile tool. Undeniably, it’s an investment that delivers value in spades, enhancing the outdoor experience in many ways.


  •   Premium ED lenses for razor-sharp, true-to-life images
  • XLT lens coatings for enhanced brightness
  • Flexible viewing angles with the rotating tripod mount
  • Durable and weather-resistant magnesium alloy body
  • Comes with a variety of useful accessories
  • Unbeatable warranty and customer support


  • On the heavier side, which could be a disadvantage for some users
  • Price might be prohibitive for beginners or casual users

6) Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scopes

Angled Spotting Scope

Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope
  • Flexible Viewing Angle
  • Extendable Sunshade
  • Adjust the Eyecup
  • XR Anti-Reflective Coatings 
  • Waterproof and Fogproof

As a hunting expert, I’ve had the opportunity to test a variety of spotting scopes over the years and the Vortex Optics Viper HD Spotting Scope stands out among the rest. This high-end product is offered at a reasonable price for the 20-60×85 Angled variant, making it a strong competitor in the market.

The Viper HD 20-60×85 Angled Spotting Scope is packed with features that make glassing a mountain or tracking game a seamless process. The HD optical system it’s equipped with is top-notch, providing vivid, high-definition images that elevate the overall viewing experience. The XR anti-reflective coatings on the exterior surfaces are beneficial for low-light situations, ensuring brighter views when you need them most.

The scope is designed with a smooth helical focus that helps dial in your image for ultra-sharp viewing, and it maintains a trim profile for optimal packability. The built-in sunshade is a practical feature that reduces glare, and the multi-position eyecup ensures proper eye relief.

The scope is also impressively durable with its Armortek coatings protecting the lenses from oil, scratches, and dirt. Rubber armor enhances the grip for the user and adds to the overall durability.


  • High-definition image quality.
  • Durable and rugged design.
  • Smooth helical focus for precise viewing.
  • Built-in sunshade to reduce glare.


  • At the higher price point, it may not be suitable for all buyers.
  • Some may find the focus dial a bit too sensitive, making fine adjustments tricky.

7) Barska 30-90×90 Waterproof Colorado Spotter Scope and Tripod

Waterproof Colorado Spotter Scope

Barska 30-90x90 Waterproof Colorad
  • Wide Magnification Range
  • 90mm ocular lens
  • Compact and Portable
  • Precision Focus

The Barska 30-90×90 Waterproof Colorado Spotter Scope and Tripod is an impressive piece of observation equipment. This scope, which caters to adults, boasts a commendable maximum magnification of 90x, ensuring detailed visuals from a considerable distance. The objective lens diameter of 90 millimeters guarantees a field of view of 78/26-40.2/13 at 1000 yards/meter, which is quite substantial.

One of its standout features is the massive 90mm ocular lens that effectively maximizes light transmission. This ensures brighter images even under low light conditions, a crucial aspect for any outdoor enthusiast. Furthermore, it comes with a fully coated, straight body which is a remarkable feature for a spotting scope of this class.

One aspect that separates this scope from the competition is its built-in edged sun-shade. Positioned perfectly in the housing to cast a shadow, it remarkably reduces glare when used under direct sunlight. This waterproof spotting scope is not only ideal for long-distance observation but also for shooting scenarios.

The ‘Colorado Spotter Combo’ also includes Barska’s Deluxe Tripod, which offers steady viewing at higher magnifications. It extends from a minimum height of 26.6 inches to a maximum height of 63.4 inches, accommodating different user heights and terrains.


  • High magnification for detailed visuals.
  • Excellent light transmission for brighter images.
  • Included deluxe tripod for stability.


  • Might be heavy for long treks.
  • Requires careful handling because of size.
  • Potential difficulty with fine focus adjustments.

8) Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotter Scope, Black

Best Hunting Spotter Scope

Athlon Optics Talos 20-60x80 Spotter
  • UHD Glass lenses
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • East to Adjust
  • Argon Purged
  • FogProof 

The Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotter Scope is a game-changer in the field of hunting optics. Its Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Glass lenses paired with Advanced Fully Multi-coated optics are the first things you’ll notice about this scope. The high-quality BaK4 prisms coated with ESP Dielectric and Phase Coating deliver maximum light gathering, yielding brilliant color fidelity which is a critical aspect when spotting game in the field.

The use of a Magnesium chassis is a thoughtful design decision. It reduces weight by 30-40%, making the scope easier to carry on long hunts while increasing strength by 40-50% compared to traditional aluminum materials. This is a significant advantage when durability is a top concern in rugged hunting environments.

Ease of adjustment is another standout feature of the Talos Spotter Scope. The practical design of the twist knobs allows for easy eyecup adjustment, ensuring optimal comfort and maximum field of view – an aspect often overlooked but highly appreciated by seasoned hunters.

High-grade Argon gas purging in these scopes offers superior fog proof capabilities compared to those purged with the more common nitrogen gas. This is due in part to Argon’s lower thermal conductivity, which means improved performance in harsh, foggy conditions, a common challenge in hunting.


  • Superior optical clarity with UHD Glass and Advanced Fully Multi-coated optics.
  • Lightweight and strong due to Magnesium chassis.
  • Highly adjustable for user comfort and maximum field of view.
  • Excellent fog proof capabilities due to Argon purging.


  • Lightweight and strong due to Magnesium chassis.
  • Highly adjustable for user comfort and maximum field of view.
  • Excellent fog proof capabilities due to Argon purging.


Ultimately, the best spotting scope for 1000 yards will depend on the individual’s needs and budget. Spotting scopes range in features, prices, and capabilities which can make it difficult to decide which scope is right for you. Weighing the balance of performance, features, and price, the Athlon Optics Talos 20-60×80 Spotter Scope stands out as our top recommendation.

With its superior optical clarity, lightweight design, and impressive fog-proofing capabilities, it provides exceptional value for the investment, suiting both seasoned hunters and enthusiastic beginners alike.

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